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Full Service Design 


Our process begins with an initial consultation, during which we will get to know you as our client and your vision for your space. Taking your style preferences into the mix, our talented design team will create unique possibilities, ideas, visions, and concepts. We will take detailed measurements and photographs, being sure to make a note of special conditions and constraints. We will select preliminary furniture and materials, sketch floor plans and present them to you to establish a clear direction for the project. This will help ensure you are on board with the proposed design direction.

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2. Design 

Based on the decisions made in the Conceptual Design phase, we will move into Design development. This phase includes developing more detailed floor plans and finalizing finishes and materials that will
contribute to your home’s overall look and feel. At this time, we pay closer attention to the details of textures, finishes, colors, lighting, and furnishings. Our designs aim to create a sense of flow throughout the home, which often include unexpected elements to spark curiosity and add interest. During this phase, you will still be able to adjust the design.

3. Detailed 
Design &

Once selections and final details are agreed upon during the Design Development phase, we move into the Detailed Design and Documentation phase. The Detailed Design phase is a critical step in the design process and requires careful attention to detail and strong communication skills for a successful
outcome. All design elements and components are considered to create a cohesive and harmonious space. We develop even more detailed floor plans, elevations, lighting and electrical plans, as well as construction material schedules. During this phase we will meet with your contractors to review design
ideas and intentions to make sure the whole team is working together. We will also provide you with complete project costs in itemized proposals.

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Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 4.56.48 PM.png

4. Procurement & Project

After documentation is completed and approved, we will work closely with contractors, suppliers, and other trade professionals to help make sure the project stays on track and is completed to the highest standards. In this phase orders for materials are placed, tracked, received and inspected. This phase will require time and patience.

5. Finishing

The installation phase is an integral part of the design process and requires careful attention to detail and a commitment to delivering the best possible outcome. This phase is the most exciting time when all the hard work and planning come together and the space is transformed. Our responsibility is to make sure that all elements are installed according to the design plan and progresses into the final
result that meets the agreed upon needs and desires of our clients.

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